Make Your Beautiful Home Full Of Beauty

by Dave Gordon |  Photo Jeff Buchanan


It all starts with your wish list – what you want your home to have, or be filled with. From there, Samantha Thomas applies her flair, creativity, style and experience to bring as much of what your dreaming of, to reality.

As the Principal of Barrie’s Inhabit Interiors and Design – a boutique retail store and interior design firm – Thomas offers it all: interior design services, customer renovations, modern furnishings, bedding, exquisite home accents and unique items for your home or cottage.
She’s a one-stop home decor expert, who’ll do all of the buying, purchasing, and sourcing – including seeking out reputable electricians, contractors, and local cabinet makers.

All the while, she knows how important it is to stay true to the home owner’s vision. “I aim to reflect your wants and needs,” she notes.
“It’s not that I’m just taking over an entire space, and just giving you something completely different. I’m supposed to understand and read you, and know what you would like, and what you wouldn’t like. We need to, definitely, be on the same page for that to happen, so it works well.”

Describing her style as a combination of West Coast Modern, Mid-Century and Boho, she notes she likes “spaces that are warm, comforting, and functional.”

And with Thomas, none of that has to come with a gratuitous cost. She’ll explain to the customer where and when they don’t need to spend excess money, such as whether a wall really needs to be taken down or not.
Just as important when factoring in cost is who will be using a certain room, which may change the way the room is set up.
“I definitely wouldn’t sell a linen sofa to someone with toddlers. It would be destroyed fairly quickly.”
Still, there are other times when an added expense might be necessary, such as something that will get a lot of wear, and needs to be durable.

“One of the things I preach is, if you are going to spend anything in your home, spend it on your bed. So, it’s the one room that’s the most used. If you think about it, a bed is an investment. Sleep is super important, and when you are sleeping, you want to have that comfort, and that luxury,’ she explains.
Accessories, however, can be ìa little more cheap and cheerful. Toss cushions, throws –  you don’t necessarily need a two-thousand dollar throw.”

As important as design aesthetic is, she will suggest to clients that they choose based on functionality and comfort, depending on the situation. It would be better, for example, to buy a sofa that’s really cozy, than one that is hard to sit in, even though it looks amazing, she noted.

A graduate of the Professional Interior Design program at Georgian College, Thomas knows the ins and outs of function, construction, building code, safety, decorating and interior design.
So whether itís new paint, new wallpaper, or textiles from India or Turkey or Morocco, or a full-on home make-over, Samantha Thomas and her team have the expertise.