An interesting concept recently found me and it felt surreal and slightly profound to apply it as I sat at the edge of the runway at The Roxx Niteclub, eagerly anticipating the bride and groom. The concept is this: we are imprinted in our early years with images from our favourite stories. Our life path often reflects a journey that we undertake to live out that story ourselves.  Most of us remember tales of the Handsome Prince finding his Beautiful Princess; we search for that one special person and hope that we can achieve something that resembles happily ever after.

No wonder there was such an overwhelming response to the recent Royal Wedding. When our cultural icons find love, and consummate that emotion with a commitment, we are able to live that glorious moment, vicariously, with all of the light and promise our hearts can hold. We all know that a real relationship is demanding and requires constant nurturing and care, but it is delicious to drift away into the romance of the moment. 

From a darker perspective, what if we let in the reality of how love can become deep and dramatic and dangerous? If the art of fashion is used to accentuate and embellish the experience, an alternative vision of what a regal wedding looks like becomes a startling and surprising parade, complete with Polymorphe latex, Strap on Sweetie platform shoes and Mercurra NYC sunglasses which we’ve seen Elton John and Lady Gaga wear. In a Fashion Theatre fantasy styled by Sandra Roberts, theRegality Event gave us an edgy, imaginative, sometimes outrageous and always entertaining version of royalty and wedlock.

With 13 seasons of experience, Sandra Roberts had no hesitations putting on two shows in two nights. With Hugo Boss suits and costumes custom designed by Theatirx costume house, Roberts was able to bring the runway alive in an unprecedented way. Roberts has been the headlining performance at FAT (Alternative Fashion Week) for the past  four years. She has been bringing avant-garde and edgy fashions to their runways for years, this year being no exception. With regal inspired designs, the audience was awed wit each character who walked the runway.

With clear connections to popular culture which explore definitions of female beauty, the show had everyone on the edge of their seats awaiting each member of the wedding party with wide eyes. Bagpipes, Beefeaters in heels, bustiers and billowing trains left us in awe. The emotion and raw energy of the vignettes revealed what often lies beneath on that momentous day, that ragged and twisted tangle we can all understand and relate to. It is the acknowledgement of the human heart; that we cannot have the light without admitting to the darkness.